Pride Line

The PRIDE Line

The PRIDE Line is a confidential toll-free hotline that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to allow Partners, suppliers, customers and other interested parties to report any situations that could cause harm to our company or our Partners.

What is the PRIDE Line?

Pilgrim's contracts with an outside vendor to provide this service, insuring strict confidentiality for anyone who uses the PRIDE Line.

As always, we advocate open communication throughout the company, and we encourage Partners to bring any issues to the attention of their supervisors or human resources department. In cases where this may not be possible, the PRIDE Line is available so that anyone who believes there is a situation or activity that could potentially harm the company can be assured that their concerns will be heard and acted upon.

We are dedicated to improving our overall environmental performance by reducing wastes and pollution, minimizing energy and water usage, and using natural resources responsibly. To achieve our goals for environmental responsibility, we have implemented the Pilgrim's enviropride Sustainable Progress system, which serves as the environmental framework for our day-to-day operations and long-range planning.

Who can call the PRIDE Line?

Any Pilgrim's Partner, supplier, customer, grower or other interested party who is aware of unethical or inappropriate behavior in the workplace may call the PRIDE Line.

How do I contact the PRIDE Line?

If you are calling from the U.S., you should call 888-536-1510. If you are calling from Mexico, call 01-800-112-2020 888-536-1512.

Visit the secure PRIDE Line website via any computer:

What should I do if I observe unethical behavior in my workplace?

If you are a Partner who is aware of any unethical or fraudulent activity in the workplace, your first choice should be to notify your supervisor or human resources department. If you are uncomfortable discussing this within the company, you should call the confidential toll-free hotline and speak with a trained representative. Examples of behaviors that might be reported include theft or embezzlement, conflicts of interest, violation of SEC laws or regulations, complaints regarding the company's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, financial, accounting and/or procurement fraud or other questionable accounting or auditing matters, workplace violence or threat of violence, violations of company policies, or any issues you believe could cause potential harm to our company.

What will happen when I call the PRIDE line?

When you call, a trained communications specialist who is not an employee of Pilgrim's will ask you your work location, the parties involved, and any other information necessary to investigate your claim. You may choose to remain anonymous. Your report will be assigned a confidential identification number, and you will receive a PIN code and a follow-up date to call back to check on the status of your report.

What if I'm not sure if I should call?

If you have discussed the issue with your supervisor and are not satisfied with the results, or if you are not comfortable speaking with your supervisor about a particular concern, you should call the PRIDE Line and speak with a representative. This will allow Pilgrim's to get all the facts and investigate any unethical conduct that may be occurring in your workplace.

I am a customer of Pilgrim's. What should I do if I am aware of unethical behavior?

If you are a customer, supplier, grower, or other interested person who has observed unethical or dishonest practices and you have not been able to contact someone at Pilgrim's or you are uncomfortable doing so, you should call the PRIDE Line and speak with a representative.