Raising Pilgrim's Chickens

Raising Pilgrim's Chickens

Our guidelines for the housing, feeding, veterinary care and transport of chickens are set by the National Chicken Council (NCC). Pilgrim's and all of our employees are required to strictly adhere to these guidelines.

We regularly update our operations to reflect the industry's best practices. In addition, we independently seek auditing by outside parties to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest industry guidelines. These audits have shown time and time again that we adhere to these nationally recognized guidelines.

How are Pilgrim's chickens raised?

Our chickens are raised on local ranches where conditions promote natural growth. They receive a balanced diet of high-quality, corn-based feed and are monitored around the clock. They are grown in large poultry barns, which protect the birds from environmental extremes while also allowing fresh air to circulate constantly. These structures also offer the birds plenty of room to move around freely and have floors covered with absorbent bedding materials such as rice hulls and wood shavings.

What do Pilgrim's chickens eat?

At Pilgrim's, we're all about great taste. And nothing tastes better than chickens that eat well. That's why we have nutritionists who develop feed formulations and make sure our poultry get a steady diet of the finest natural grain products, including yellow corn, soybean meal, vitamins and mineral supplements.

Do Pilgrim's chickens receive hormones?

No. Our chickens do not receive growth hormones or steroids in any way. In fact, the use of hormones has been illegal in poultry production since 1952.

Are Pilgrim's chickens antibiotic-free?

We use antibiotics only as instructed by our federally accredited and licensed poultry veterinarians. The antibiotics are used in strict accordance with FDA and USDA guidelines, leaving our products free of harmful residues – a fact verified by on-site USDA sampling.

How are Pilgrim's chickens processed?

Quality and safety are top priorities at Pilgrim's. Our processing plants – with comprehensive food quality control and safety management systems – are some of the most modern and technologically advanced in the nation. The poultry is minimally processed in extremely efficient and sanitary conditions, and each bird is hand-inspected by U.S. Government inspectors on-site. As evidence of our quality standards, we exceed USDA regulations in every part of our production.